Al Barrette Board of Game

I have been sitting in the Anchorage LIO waiting for my turn to testify against Al Barrette’s nomination for the Alaska Board of Game.  I was listening to the people testifying and reading The Mudflats live blogging coverage of last nights municipal election, and figured that as long as I have internet access I might as well try a bit of live blogging. Head over to The Mudflats for more information on Mr. Barrette and the confirmation hearings in the legislature, I’m just going to post whatever little bits are interesting to me for the duration of the meeting.

Here it goes-

Woman testifying about bear baiting in the anchorage LIO – talked about the cubs bellowing next to their mothers who were snared.  Aaron Bloomquist, one of two pro-Barrette people in the room started laughing.


At one point Steve Florey, the other of the two pro-Barrette men in the room and a registered sex offender, started talking about something that a person on the phone testified about.  A woman in the room asked him to be quiet and he responded by calling her a “dumbass child.”  I am not exactly sure what to make of him calling her a child given his past legal issues.


Thor Stacy is now testifying against Barrette.  If Thor is against you, you are probably fucked.


Nick Jans just testified from Juneau.  He said everything I wanted to much better than I would be able to, I might as well just go home.  But I guess it’s about the numbers now.


Rod Arno of the Alaska Outdoor Council just finished testifying, making it 9 for Barrette and 14 against so far.  I need something to clear the BS out of my brain after this guy.

Speaking of something to clear my brain, next up is Rick Steiner, who has been a guest on Moore Up North


Steve Florey is now testifying/lying to the committee, and getting a few laughs from the room.


Security is now getting called to the room after some words between Florey and some of the more rational people in the room.  This is getting interesting.


Senator Stedman can’t be bothered to hang around for a committee meeting for another 30 minutes to get through the last 12 people who have been waiting hours to testify in front of the committee.  Thanks Bert


I think I am up next, which means they must be getting to the end of the list, as I was the last to testify in the House meeting earlier in the week.  Not real big on public speaking, my hands are starting to shake a bit.  Luckily a lot of the people in the room are walking out to talk to the cops so I don’t have as big a crowd to worry about.

I’m done testifying and it was awful.  But I guess it’s another tally in the anti-Barrette column.  The last person in the Anchorage LIO is now testifying, and all of the action has moved to the hallway.  I’ll try to update with what is going on out there later tonight, but for now I am off.

Pay attention, the full confirmation vote for Barrette is on Friday.  Go to and for all the info on who to call and email.


So the excitement has died down a bit, statements were taken by the police from about half of the people in the room.  Not really sure what is going to happen as a result of it, but the whole incident seemed to be blown out of proportion by Mr. Florey who was antagonistic throughout the meeting.  I didn’t hear what he told the police, but I hope it was a little more truthful than his testimony to the committee this afternoon.

I left before the hearing wrapped up, but it seemed like it was a foregone conclusion that the committee would be forwarding Mr. Barrette’s name to the full House and Senate for a vote on Friday.  So it is very important that people contact their legislators and ask them to oppose this nomination.


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2 responses to “Al Barrette Board of Game

  1. justafarmer

    WOW! Great liveblogging.
    the cop episode sounded really interesting….but thanks for getting up to speak.

  2. A Nana Moose

    Appreciate that first hand report. Thanks.

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